Toxic Barrel Popper

Trash Can Popper
The Trash Can Popper Is prop that when triggered will pop up out of hidding to scare the trick or treaters. Mine worked well as this year we made 6 kids cry and a dozen more run away. Mine was controlled my a 4 gallon air compressor and a Basic stamp 2 board. the code i used can be found here: Barrel popper code I made the frame for the piston from 2×4’s so that it would sit tightly in the barrel., i hooked up the solinoid, lights, and sound to a cat 5 cable to clean up the wiring just alittle bit. You can see the details of construction in the pictures below if you have any questions Email me.
remade the Barrel popper for Halloween 2009 and 2010. It uses a custom pic controller to run Air, lights, and sound. The sound if provided with a cowlacious audio board. The pic is a 18f2550 with a ULN2003 Chip. (sorry no build photos of this one)