Self-contained Speaker

Self contained Speaker and Amplifier

One problem I ran in to while making props was that they needed a good source of sound especially if they are placed a distance from viewers. This was my solution to that problem before I eventually switched over to using Rane MS 6A Amplifiers.

When I decided to make this speaker setup I wanted it to be able to do 4 things, be loud enough to hear, easy to set up and move, be easy to hide, and completely self contained. This Is a how to on what I made.

Caution: high voltage is used here, if you decided to build do so at your own risk.

What you will need:
1. Speakers/Box (I used 2×10″ Speakers in a box) I also started using speaker boxes from cars.
2. A 12 Volt power supply, Mine was originally a computer power supply putting out 14 Amps
3. Power cable
4. Amplifier (an old car amp Works perfect and are cheap, 300 watts, bought for 10 dollars)
5. RCA to 3.5mm audio jack
6. Screws and washers
7. Switch (optional)

The amplifier requires around 12 volts and upwards of 20 amps for full power, I provided around 14 amps but I never needed to turn it to full volume.

To wire the car amplifier to the power supply, you will want one ground wire, and two 12 volt like (yellow on computer power supply) connect the ground to the ground terminal, and then connect the 12 volts to the positive side and the REM terminal (This acts as an enable line for the Amplifier). These three connections will allow it to power up. I eventually Swapped out the power supply to a different computer supply that would be a little better. The wiring is the same you just need to know what lines coming from your supply are the 12 volt and the ground.

To connected the Amplifier to the speakers simply connected the positive side to the positive terminal and negative side to the negative terminal. Since this amp has an RCA input I only used the left Channel for audio, if I need to in the future I can use the right channel as a second Channel for audioWhen I updated the power supply I split the channels to allow the setup to do stereo audio. 

Important: In order for the computer power supply to switch on you need to either short out the black (ground) wire with the Green wire. you can do this by simple twisting them together, or if you want installing a switch to turn it on and off. If you do not do this the power supply will not turn on and nothing will happen.

Always be sure to couple check you connections are secure and that there are no shorts before closing up the box.

After everything was closed up, I powered it up and connected it to an audio source and everything worked perfectly. It was used all night, Allowed everything to be heard perfectly, and performed with out an issue.

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