Prop C4/Dynamite

Prop C4 and Dynamite

One of the themes I did for a haunted house was an alien invasion, one scene was a weapons locker filled with all kinds of things. I made up a bunch of prop C4 blocks and dynamite to put in to an old storage crate and scattered around the scene. There are only a few steps to make either but they both ended up looking really good in the scenes.

C4 —
The C4 is made using some cut up blocks of floral foam. I cut them to the size I wanted, I printed out several labels and cut them to the correct size to match the foam. The last step I used clear packing tape to attach the label, and then to fully wrap the foam block. in the end it look pretty good in the crate.

When i originally made the prop dynamite It was really quick and I didn’t get any pictures. I had everything I needed to remake it so I created a new prop and took progress photos. This would be good for many scenes inside a haunt or possibly as film props.

Red Electrical Tape
one inch PVC
Black Electrical Tape
BB’s if you want it to be a little heavier
Small project box
old SMA Threads and antenna’s

The first thing to do is cut up the PVC. I made a bundle of seven pieces each one is about a foot long. After cutting the PVC I cut up seven piece of short wire to attach to the top of each stick. To attached the tape I just help the wire to the side of each piece and put three pieces of the red tape to secure it in place. I did this for each stick. Since I wanted this to weight a little bit more I filled three of the stick with standard size BB’s, With that done I used three piece’s of tape to seal up the other end of each tube.

I used the red tape to completely cover each stick from top to bottom. I overlapped it just a bit to make sure that the print on some of the tubes does not show though. Once all the sticks are covered the next step is to bundle them. I started by taping three sticks together using the black tape to make a band around the upper and lower section. I took the other four stick and while holding them in a bunch continued the tape bands in the same locations. With the bundle done I twisted all the wires in to a single bunch. You can stop here depending on the look you are going for, I choose to make a small box with antenna’s attached to the bundle.

I started with a metal box with one antenna and a switch. when it was finished I decided I didn’t like the look of this and found a small plastic box. To make the box just open in and drill three holes. One will be for the switch and two for antenna’s. The wires from the stick are pressed in a notch that came in the box. With all the holes drilled you just press the antenna mounts thought the holes alone with the switch and install the nuts that came with them. When closing up the box set the wires in the knock and put the boxes four screws in, This will put pressure on the wire and hole them in place. I used a piece of the black tape to secure the box in place. I may switch to glue or screws later on.

The original Box-

The Redone Box-

The final Props–