oooga Horn

OOOGA Horn Build

I have a write up for converting a drill to use a LED light and car horn. This write up will be similar to that but has a few different steps for mounting an antique type OOOGA Horn to the casing.

18 Volt Drill
LED light 12-24 volt version
Small amount of wire
Nuts, Bolts and Zip Ties
Something to use as a spacer

Taking apart the drill is very simple. You remove the 8 screws from the case and set them aside. Once all the screws are out you can separate the two sides of the casing. You will now have access to the motor and switch assembly. You can cut the two wires that connect to the drill motor and remove the motor from the housing. Set aside both half’s of the case for now.

The next step is to prep the motor to reuse it to mount the LED light. three screws need to be removed and the main motor will come off. There is one large screw inside the chuck that needs to me removed along with one split ring. With these removed the rest of the metal can be removed. I saved the housing for attaching the LED light later on.

The first step is to assemble the mount for the LED light that will be on the front of the drill. To do this I took the pieces I saved from the motor assemble and put them back together. This will have a hole down the center of it, I pass a long bolt thought this section with the bracket for the light in place. I tightened the nut on to this bolt and then install the bolt to attach the LED light to its bracket. There were to modifications I needed to make to the plastic piece. One was to trim the old screw holes from the out side to make it fit correctly and second is to drill a hole to accommodate the bolt that will be used to mount the horn. This can be set aside until reassembly.

The second step is to mount the horn to the side of the casing. The horn only has one mounting point but since this is going to be waved around when in use I wanted to reinforce the mounting just a bit. I stared by drilling the hole in the casing for the single bolt to mount the horn. I installed the bolt and tightened it down to get the horn in place. Once in place I set the spacer I had in between the horn and drill, and drilled 2 holes to attach it. Using three zip ties I put two around the horn motor and the spacer and one between the spacer and the drill case. Once they are tight everything felt much more secure.

I drilled three holes in the case two to allow the horns motors cables to pass thought the case and one larger hole for the LED Lights cable. I made the two cables used to connect the horns motor by crimping on two spade connectors to some spare 12 gauge wire I had. Once these were thought the case I made sure the switch was sitting correctly in the side of the case. You will have six wires that need to be stripped. You will want to group these in to two groups one for the positive and one for the negatives. With those twisted together I soldered them and then trimmed the cable just a little. I covered these using just small amount of electrical tape. I put the battery in and just a quick pull to make sure everything is working correctly.

The last step is to put everything together. I placed the LED light in to one half the housing and put the other side of the housing back on. I do this carefully to make sure everything is secured in to place and that none of the wires are being pinched. With both sides back together that only thing left to do is put the eight screws back in to place and tighten them down. Once this is done you can put the battery back in and pull the trigger to test. If everything works correctly you are all set to start using the horn.