Moving Head Light – Repair

Moving Head Light – LED Upgrade/Repair

I Purchased 3 used Moving Head Lights on eBay, They were all non-working in one way or another. I set out to fix them so I could make use of them in my haunt display. I managed to get one working using the parts from one of the other ones that was beyond repair.

The second one I fixed needed a new lamp igniter and the parts are not available. I decided to replace the entire lamp driver and bulb with a 50 Watt LED lamp. This will show some of the steps I used to repair this unit.
After ordering the parts that I would need to do this, I found a heat sink that was just a good size and would fit in the space in the back of the light.

LED Light:
I mounted the LED to an old processor heat sink to keep it cool, The heat sink also had a cooling fan installed on the back to move the air. I applied a bit of thermal compound between the LED and the metal. Once everything was together I powered up the LED to make sure everything would work like it was suppose to.

Mounting the heat sink:
I made sure that the heat sink I selected would fit in to the light housing with little modification, I went thought several heat sinks to find the right size that I needed.

The wiring for the LED is just two wires for the positive and the negative, once the two wires were threaded thought the yoke of the light I simply soldered them to the correct terminals on the LED and on the power supply. This light controlled the original lamp by using a relay to switch it on and off, I installed the LED driver in the same location and was able to connect it directly to the power lines using that same relay. This will allow the light to maintain control over the light. I soldered the hot and neutral wires to the power supply and secured it in place. I made sure that there were no shorts and that all my connections were solid. I powered up the light to make sure everything was working correctly before I put the casing back on.


Once I finished with replacing the lamp I also replaced all of the Capacitors on the control boards since they were all used and starting to show signs of failing. After this was done and everything was back together I was able to power the light up and it worked as good as new.