LED Fire Staff Version 2

LED Fire Staff (New Version)

This Staff is a different take on the first staff that I designed and built. I decided that I wanted to have a more streamlined and embedded look to the fire. The end result is a very nice effect with a look similar to a torch. This battery is embedded in the handle along with the charging circuit and switch.

What you will need:
Walking Stick
LED Flame (Flicker Bulb)
Charging Circuit and 5V power supply
Power Switch and Barrel Jack
18650 Battery
Wire, Shrink wrap, Tape
Leather or other material to cover the handle

Preparing the Staff:
In order to be able to mount everything on the staff it will need to be modified to make room for the battery, Charge board, Switch, LED Board, and charge port. I used a Sander, Mill, and drill to make the changes that I needed.

Preparing the light board:
This staff uses a modified LED Flame bulb that can be found online. These normally run on 120Volts but after you take everything apart and remote its power board, The remaining LED Strip can be powered from 5 Volts and will run just find on the 4.2 Volts of an 18650 battery.

In order to cover the LED board for both protection and light dispersion I used a milk white 2 part resin to create the top of the staff. This will become very hard and not clear. This will project the LED board from damage and spread the light out around the head so that it does not look like shape points from the LED’s. This was the first time I was using resin in a project so it was a little trial and error for me. This first time I tried to pour/Inject the resin in a tube around the top and it set very quickly and failed. After this I took a different approach. This was a combination of pouring and spreading the liquid as it was about to set in to a solid.

Wiring and Charging:
The main parts to the electronics of this staff at the LED board, charge controller, the charge port, power switch, and 18650 battery.

To cover the tape that is securing the electronics in place I wrapped the handle in a bit of leather. This will be glued in place to hold it securely. Pretty much any material that you want could be used to do this. It is mostly just an astatic finish to the staff.