Image Projector Mod

Modifying an LED Image Projector

This will walk you thought taking apart and modifying a simple GOBO projector from Walmart. These can be bought on clearance after Christmas for around $2.00.

This a single LED projectors designed to project a simple image on the wall. The slide that is inside can be removed pretty easy and replaced with something that is more useful for you. You can replace the slide in side with any color cellophane, or if you have a laser printer you can print simple images on to transparencies sheets and cut it to size.

What you will need: A Philips head screw driver and color cellophane

Disassembly: The first step is to empty out the content of the box. Once this is done you will disconnect the power supply to make this easier to work with.  You will also want to remove the screw that is holding on the base adapter. Set all of these parts off to the side.

The next step is to remove the heat sink from the bottom of the projector. This is done by remove 4 screws and pulling it straight out. set these off to the side.

The next step will be to turn the projector so that you can access the back of the unit. There are 3 rubber stoppers You can use a small screw driver to pull these out and set them aside. You will use a Philips head screw driver to remove the three screws from the back. Once those screws are removed the back of the unit will pull out with little force. You will want to fully remove the inner section of the projector.

Once you have the middle removed you can access the clip that is retaining the original slide that comes with the projector. This clip is help in with 2 more screws. You will remove both of these screws and lift the retaining clip out off of the front of the light. With this removed you can remove the small plastic slide and discard it.

At this point you can choose how you want to use these LED projectors. if you reassemble it now you can use it as a very simple white LED spotlight. You can also use the original slide to cut a piece color cellophane to the proper size. Another choice if you have access to a laser printer would be to print out a small image and cut it out to install in the project. I have chosen to cut a piece of green cellophane to turn this in to a green LED spotlight. Once you have chosen how you will use the projector you can install the new slide in to the unit and reinstall the retaining clip by lining it up and tightening down the two screws removed earlier.

The last step will be to put everything back together. This is simple doing everything in reverse. You will install middle section back in to the outer housing, Then you will install and tighten the 3 screws removed earlier and push the rubber stoppers back in to their holes. You will want to insert the heat sink in the bottom of the projector and install the 4 screws. Once this is done you can use the original base that came with the projector. You can adapt this to meet you needs I have found that metal L brackets work great for mounting them to a wall or other surfaces.

Once you reattach the power supply you can use it however works for you. I included a couple of photos testing this modification. I have complete one that is just white and screwed to the wall. This one I turned in to a green spot light for later use.

These are very simple to modify and cheap when you get them when they are on clearance. You can contact me at