Holiday Projector File Change

This page will cover how to change out the video files that are loaded on the holiday projectors that you can get for next to nothing at Walmart and home depot every year. The files that come on the projectors are very generic and are absolutely terrible. The process to change the videos is very quick and only requires a Philips head screw driver and a computer.  Each projector is different but the process is fairly similar in every model of the projector. I will cover the 3 common ones that I found this year. Luckily these projectors store the files in a simple Micro SD card. They are just copied on to the cards and installed on a slot on the main board.

The First Projector is the most difficult. I bought it from Walmart for $14. This model is by far the cheapest of the three quality wise. It also required it to be taken apart the farthest to access the media card that is install in these units. To access the card in this unit you will need a small Philips head screw driver. You turn the projector over and remove 4 screws around the outside of the unit. This will allow the top place to come off with out and issue. The SD card for this projector is located on the underside of the main board and you will need to disconnect the small ribbon cable and remove 3 screws. To remove the ribbon cable you carefully list the retaining clip and the cable will slip right out. Once these is done you can carefully turn the board over and eject the card. With the card removed you can jump to the last step and change the files that are on the card.

Now that you have changed the files on the card. You just need to reinstall the card by inserting it back in to the slot and pressing it till it clicks. You can then place the main board back and reinstall the 3 screws removed in the first section. The next part is the line up the ribbon cable and slip it back in to its connector and press the retaining clip in to place. Make sure that it is inserted all the way in. You then just place the top back on the projector and install the 4 screws that were removed in the first step. If you have done everything correctly you can power up the projector and start it playing your new files.

The Second Projector is much easier to access the data. I got it at Home Depot for $14. This model makes it easier to access the data and change it out. This projector comes apart with just 6 Philips head screws located around the outside of the bottom of the projector. You can remove all of these screws and the top of the projector will just lift off. You will want to lift out the lens assemble for this projector. This just lifts out there are no screws. Set this aside. The card is located on the bottom of the main board right where the lens is. You can press the down with a screw driver and it will click out enough to grab it with a pair of pliers. With the card removed you can move on to the last stop to change the video files that are on the card.

Now that you have copied the new files on to the card you can reinstall it in to the clip and press it back in till it clicks. Then all you need to do is put the lens assemble back in its spot and put the top back on the projector. Reinstall the 6 screws removed earlier and you can now power up the projector and start playing back your new files.

The Third Projector is the simplest unit to access. I got these at Home Deport for $22. This is the easiest one to change the data on. It also has the added benefit of having HDMI as an additional option. This is the best projector for the money but they go fast. It has HDMI option for playing video from other sources. The top section is held on by 5 Philips head screws. With these removed the top will lift right off. The card is located in the back corner of the main board. It is right on top so you can just pop it out and jump to the last step to copy the files you want to use.

You just need to reinstall the card and put the top back on the projector and put the 5 screws back in to place. Then you will be ready to power up the unit and select the files you want it to play.

The next step is identical for all 3 projectors. This will be to clear the old data off of the card and copy of new files on. The original files that are on the card are in .mp4 format. I have tested these units with .mpeg files and they play with out any issues. Once you have pulled the card from the projector you can plug it in to the computer and access the data. I removed all the old videos and copied in videos made by AtmosfearFX. This is as simple and copying and pasting your desired files.

Once this step is completed you can refer back to the steps earlier in this page to reinstall the card and reassemble the projector.

If you have done everything right you should be able to access the play menu on the projector and select the files you have just updated and they will start playing just like the stock files only better.