Gatling Gun

Prop Gatling Gun

This will detail the construction of a motorized prop Gatling gun, This was mounted in a display and used in a scene of one of my haunts. it used a striped down drill motor and was controlled using a relay run by the computer program.

The parts that you will need to make this project:
12 volt drill
threaded rod
assorted nuts and bolts
2×4’s and 1×6’s
2- 10 foot sections of pvc
wood screws
Lazy Susan
wire and a power source
a bracket wide enough to hold the gun

Some tools you need will be:
drill press or regular drill
spade bits
screw drivers
saws all
wire cutters

Parts: The first step is to cut all the wood pieces and PVC. You need 6 piece’s of PVC, and 4 longer pieces of wood along with 7 piece’s of smaller piece’s cut to hold the PVC and end caps.

6 barrels/Turret: I screwed together 4 piece of the smaller wood together to make sure that the holes I drilled would alight properly. I marked and drilled 6 holes using the spade bit. I rounded these pieces out as evenly and round as i could using the tools i had. The pipes are secured using with small screws to lock everything in place.  I screwed the lazy Susan base on the end of the barrels. I used 4 wood screws on one side and 4 bolts for use for securing to the body. I used a piece of threaded rod attached to the last board of the barrels. This will attach to the drill motor in the main body.

Body frame: This is very simple. It is just a box, with 2 end pieces. I mounted the motor inside using some scrap wood. I Mounted the power cable out the back and a bracket on the sides to mount it. The threaded rod is tightened in to the chuck of the drill this allows it to turn the barrel and still be removable if needed.

Lazy Susan: The lazy Susan is mounted in between the two plates. using wood screws on one side and bolts on the other side.

Motor: The motor is powered using 12 volts and will connect to an external control system. The motor is just mounted using a piece of scrap wood. The threaded rod is connected to the end plate of the barrels. The other end of the rod is connected to the drill using the original chuck.


Testing the motor and turret before attaching it to the body

Testing after everything has been finshed up: