Fog Chiller

Fog chiller

This was one of the very first projects that I ever made to use in a haunt. There are hundreds of different ways that this effect can be achieved and different effects that it can make. This is pretty straight forward in its design and function.

The purpose of a fog chiller is to lower the temperature of fog from a fog machine to help it stick closer to the ground, instead of filling all the space around. This can be used for Halloween or any time you need low lying fog. I salvaged some of the parts from old farm machines, and a cooler.

I started by laying out the pipes and fittings in the general pattern that would work to pass the fog from the machines output to the cooler. After fitting all pipes together I marked the holes to be cut in the cooler. I cut the holes out and inserted the pipes in to create the inlet and outlet. When I tested the original design the fog wasn’t cooling enough and didn’t sink right. This was because I used a pipe going straight thought the cooler and it wasn’t providing enough time to transfer the heat away.  I changed the design alittle bit and cut the middle of the pipe out and installed dryer duct to allow the fog more time to cool. This ended up giving me the effect I was looking for.



Final Fog Test