DMX LED Wash Light

DMX LED Wash light

This page details a 3 channel DMX LED Wash light, it will use a Standard DMX controller addressing each of the 3 colors, Red, Green and blue and it will be controlled using VSA, But would work with pretty much any DMX software.

The parts you will need are:
4 Led floor light boards
Red, Green, and Blue LED’s to populate the board (Piranha LEDs)
150ohm and 330 ohm resistors
Assorted nuts and bolts
A DMX RGB controller. The Generic ones work fine.
An enclosure of your choosing, I used an old exit sign
A 12 volt power supply, about 2 amps, unless you add more boards

soldering iron
screw driver

Assembling the Led boards
Putting the boards together is time consuming, but very easy. Lay out all your parts, test you LED’s before you solder them in. The floodlight boards are silkscreened for assembly. The Orientation of the LED’s is marked along with the color, the resistors are marked by the color on the back as well, I used 150ohm for green and blue, and 330ohm for red. The lights are wired to be a common anode (+), and RGB each have an individual cathode to control each color set.

Drilling holes and mounting boards and controller
I lined up all 4 boards and the control to the case I will be using and drilled the appropriate mounting holes.

Wiring the enclosure and testing
All you need to do to wire the led boards to the controller, is connected all the positive lines to the common on the controller, connect all the reds together, and connect that to channel 1, connect all the greens and connect that to channel 2, and connect all the blues together and connect them to channel 3.

For the power supply I tested it with a bench top supply, and it was drawing about 1.6 amps for the four boards when they were all on. I ill replace the bench top supply with a computer power supply, to make sure i can supply enough amps to the controller. It can run 4 amps on each channel, so it has the potential to draw 12 amps. I can also attach addition boards to the screw terminals on this light.

Testing the light

Testing the controller with 2 of the LED boards

This is the finished LED light. Just 4 boards is enough to light my entire apartment.

If you want to add more light boards to the set up it is easy, just follow the same wiring, Do no exceed the controller rating per channel, the one I choose is 4 amps per channel, also make sure that your power supply is rated to handle the added load.

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