70 Volt Speaker Modules

Self contained 70 volt speakers

At one point I acquired a 250 watt 70 volt audio amplifier. This is a very useful way to set up an audio system That can cover a large area or multiple rooms that will have the same audio playing. In a 70 Volt distribution system, a transformer is user with each speaker, This allows you to connect a large number of speakers in parallel to the amplifier using only 1 pair of wires for all the speakers. The amplifier sends a higher voltage than a regular amplifier (70 volts), By connecting the speaker transformers at different wattage levels, or by adding 70 volt attenuates, each speaker can be set to the desired volume independent of the others. It allows you to connect a lot of speakers spread over a large area giving you an evenly distributed sound.

What you will need:
1. Speaker- I used a 10 watt CB horn and Old Surround sound speakers
2. 70 Volt audio transformer’s
3. Short wire pieces
4. Amp (70 volt Distributed audio system)
5. RCA to audio jack
6. Nuts, bolts and washers
7. Plastic enclosure

I made two types of these speaker modules for my use, one is a horn type speaker mounted to a project box and the other is modified surround sound speakers with the transformer build inside the case. Both worked really well for my needs and functioned all night with out an issues. This is a great setup for using a lot of different speakers spread out over a large area. The quality loss of the system is very low so you can maintain the same sound quality though out the entire area.

The setup is very simple, all you need to do is connect your speaker to the tap you want to use on the transformer, Each transformer has multiple taps for different wattage’s.The build process is pretty much the same for the two types that I decided to use. The cases vary a little bit but the wiring is the same. You will have a total of four wires. There at two for your input side, This will be the wires that are connected to the amplifier. The other two wires will be the ones that go to your speaker. There will be a common wire and the positive wire. You can select what ever tap you want on the transformer this will determine the volume of your speaker.

I used 10 watts for the horn speakers that I bought and 25 watts for the surround sound speakers I used. After you check all of your wiring And make sure your have everything soldered in place with no shorts. You are ready to test the system. Connect it to power and connect an audio source and enjoy.

Putting together the setup can be a little bit pricey but the system is defiantly worth it. I got my amp from salvage from a school that was getting rid of it. You can make as many of these as your setup requires as long as you don’t exceed the Max power output of your amplifier. They are fairly cheap to make, I would estimate about $15 a piece, The sound they put out is loud and clear. The amplifier that I have can run 15-25 depending on which speakers I hook up. This is more then enough to cover the entire haunt.

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