About Me and this page

About Me:
For several years I have been building and designing props, Halloween displays and various electronics that I either sell or use in my own display. A lot of the time I will just build things for fun, I am always thinking about things I want to try and create or ways to reuse things in ways they were never intended. I also run another website for my photography, www.WebbSpinner.com

This Page:
I will use this page to document projects as I work on them, It will also be used to host How-to Write up’s that I put together for projects I complete can help you to replicate it.

I am slowly working on moving and updating all of my write up’s from my original Website, As well as creating new projects and documenting them for this site as well. This process will take time but slowly the pages will be filled with content.

If you have any ideas for a project I should try or a prop to build sent me an email at HauntHacker@outlook.com